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SouthEast LinuxFest videos

G4TV: Attack of the Show: [V] General light tech, News, Internet

Channel Frederator: [V] Somewhat adult oriented cartoons from upcoming artists

Revision 3: Ctrl Alt Chicken [V]

Hak.5: [V] Monthly podcast with in-depth news, tech trivia, mods, hacks, and a funny parody or two

Revision 3: InDigital [V] In depth review of upcoming / new tech

LabRats [V] Tech guides for the n00b

OpenAlpha: [V] In depth look at the lesser known areas of gaming

Revision 3: DiggNation [V] Weekly tech news roundup

Revision 3 Systm: [V] In depth how-to hack/mod guides

System Trash: [V] They install an OS... discuss its merits and philosophy, and then trash it

DL.TV: [V] Just like The Screen Savers on the old TechTV

The Source Show: [V] Show about open source made entirely from open source

Cranky Geeks: [V] Tech news commentary/debate ... similar to Silicon Valley Spin on the old TechTV.

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