´┐╝´┐╝ColaLUG - 2013-08-08


Fedora Conference in Friday-Sunday in Charlseton, Fedora Flock Ruby meeting next door.

Snowden Revelations - security, linux, etc. Quality Programmers

WiFi Pineapple (Duggins) - MITM attack on wi-fi

We need to get more serious about the security side and talk about/promote it more. (Francis) PGP Key-Signing parties - we need to have them twice a year RSA key security

CGroups, Linux Containers (Francis) - split a computer in N sections (logical computer partitioning) instead of virtualizing N computers.

Experience with Linux - how to get help, philosophy of Linux, Book: Linux Phrase Book (O'Reilley), documentation, origin of grep, Vi/Vim discussion, PaulDotCom.com (security podcasts), history of Linux/OpenSource/etc.

Drupal (next user-group meeting here on Monday)


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