Shay Walters

Email Address : <shayw AT PASDEPOURRIELS controlmanagement DOT com>

I became President of the Columbia Linux Users Group (ColaLUG) in March 2007. I have tried to keep programs and presentations lined up for the meetings that would attract new members and be interesting to existing members, both new users as well as experienced users. (Sometimes more successfully than others.) :-)

I have worked with computers since the mid-1970's, and microcomputers since 1977 with the Altair 8800 self-built system. I've worked with more programming languages than I can remember, however, most are obsolete now. Back in the days before public access to the Internet, I ran a BBS (Bulletin Board System) for local users to connect to with dial-up modems. It was called Para-Soft BBS.

My occupation for the last 20+ years has been a technician-analyst with Control Management, which is a local company serving South Carolina for Siemens building controls. The primary focus of the product line we carry is heating and AC control for large industrial systems, office buildings, and school campuses.

At the time I accepted the position of ColaLUG President, I considered myself to be a Linux newbie. In the time since then, I have learned quite a bit, and no longer consider myself to be a n00b, although I still do not consider myself to be any sort of guru. I've installed linux more times than I can count; both out of personal curiosity with various distributions, as well as activity in the FLPC program. (

I am a big fan of free software and open source; I believe they are the future. I work with Microsoft operating systems with my job almost exclusively, but at home, I have free and open source systems almost exclusively.

I am a Columbia native, although I lived in Jacksonville FL (6 months), Denver CO (5 months), and Atlanta GA (4 years). I attended USC in the Computer Science program in the early/mid 1970's. Back when we used punched-paper cards to submit our programs! :-)


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